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OLI Pertamina Turalik 48
OLI Pertamina Turalik 48
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Specification of OLI Pertamina Turalik 48

Pertamina Turalik 48 Oil is hydraulic oil and lubricant formulated from high viscosity index base oil and contains a complete performance additive to provide wear protection, prevent foam formation, and rust and corrosion protection.

TURALIK QUALITY RATE 48 meets industry hydraulic requirements or specifications such as MAG Cincinnati Machhine P-68 (approved for Turalik 43), P-69 (approved for Turalik 52), and P-70 (approved for Turalik 48), Denison HF-0, HF-2 (approved for Turalik 43, 48, 52), and Vickers I-286S and M-2950-S (approved for Turalik 43).

USE OF TURALICS 48 is recommended for use in general hydraulic equipment, as well as for the lubrication of the circulating system or bath system. This lubricant is not recommended to lubricate components coated with silver.

PT Patra Kiumbara Perdana Is A Supplier Company Of Various Brands Of Lubricating Oil And Grease Both Mineral And Synthetic In Indonesia. Serving Various Lubricant Needs For All Area Indonesia. PT Patra Kiumbara Perdana Serving Needs of Various Kinds of Lubricant Oil Such as: Synthetic Oil, Engine Oil, Marine Diesel Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Gas Engine Oil, Industrial Gear And Bearing, Compressor Oil, Steel Mill Oil, Turbine Oil, Circulation Oil, Transmission Oil, Heat Transfer Oil, Spindel Oil, Hydraulic Gear, Oil Machinery, Slideway Oil, Rock Drill Oil, Metal Processing Fluid, Greases, Heat Transfer Oils and Other Lubricant Type. For further information please contact us at [email protected] Call Center 02129512375 Handphone 081280015006

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