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Pertamina Meditran S 10W
Pertamina Meditran S 10W
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12 Nov 2019
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MEDITRAN S Series is a lubricating oil and heavy duty diesel engines, which are formulated from base oil that has high viscosity index and a balanced additive. MEDITRAN S Series provide protection against wear and corrosion as well as effective in controlling the formation of the deposit. MEDITRAN S Series can be used for lubrication of kendaaraan diesel engine, heavy equipment, industrial or shipping high round type of turbocharged, supercharged, or naturally aspirated. MEDITRAN S 10W and 30 MEDITRAN S also recommended for transmission and hydraulic system on a heavy duty machine. LEVELS OF QUALITY MEDITRAN S Series meet the specifications API CF (approved for SAE 30, 40, 50)/CF2, MB-Approval 228.0 (SAE 40) and MB-Approval 235.12, and Komatsu KES 07.851.2000 (SAE 40). MEDITRAN S Series also meets the specification ACEA E2-96, of PAINT TO-2, MIL-L-2104D and MIL-L-4615


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